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Statement of purpose

Bismillah..Here, I’ve posted my statement of purpose to study in this campus, to maintain and remember my spirit and goal ,, 화이팅!!  Hamasah!!

After writing a research plan about simulation of biofuel production and sending it to several professors related this field a few days ago. I got a reply from Dr. xxx. I had been contacted via phone and discussed with Dr. xxx about my study at UST, and I want to work on catalytic biofuel production under his supervision. As we known, we face global problem about crisis energy. As my chemical engineering background, I think to try and struggle to be a man that can give any contribution to solve this problem. After graduated from my previous university, University of Indonesia, I have any plan to study in another country that can support research and invention better. Moreover, I have found one of good opportunity to study here, Korea Institute of Science and Technology. South Korea is developed country and well known with technology and innovation. I am also interested in Korean cultures and hopefully, my decision to study here can make the relationship between Indonesia and South Korea better, especially for education and technology aspects in the future.

My academic interests are investigating and analyzing potential new renewable resources for fuel based petroleum substitution. There are many renewable resources has been studied for the next generation of biofuel, from vegetable oil until microalgae. In several published journals, many scientists had done some improvements and possibilities for implemented biofuel as main fuel based renewable resources. Nevertheless, there are still many aspects that we can do for optimization like using mathematical simulation model, so the process can be more efficient and economically feasible. Thus, I would like to give my best contribution by doing some researches and inventions for the better technology, human being, and environment. I am also interested in study the future of battery with fuel cell technology and environmental friendly.

I have any dreams and goals in this life. For my short term dreams, after having any soft skills, hard skills, research skills and instinct of scientist at Korea of Institute of  Science and Technology. I would like to continue my study about the related field to expand my skill and enrich my experience in another country like Japan or Europe. It is also possible for me continue my next degree in this institute. For my long term dreams, I would like to be a technopreneur then make and manage my own foundation for helping other people that might be have enough capability but they need any financial assistant for education either from my home country or another country. I would like also to make and establish a web based international organization that take care of education, environment, economy, social life, etc. With this organization, I hope people from all over the world can make any communication and better understanding among of them to create better world without any conflicts.