How I miss nasi padang so much..


Ok guys let me post this new post by English, because my English still not good enough T_T, btw I will share my experience about awesome UST Korea (my lovely campus) orientation Alhamdulilah ^_^ in Muju resort, Here we go, This is some pic about that beautiful place in mountain with fresh air and nice view,,


Yeah, actualy that resort usually crowd at winter season and famous place for playing ski ^_^,,

First day, we went to Muju from daejon by bus, it was around 2 hours, It seemed like Puncak in Indonesia. After gathering, in conference room we had some introduction and let to know each other ,,


There were mostly Koreans and some foreigners,

Actually this orientation was interesting, we had Korean culture class,, a paper writing class then I had new experience about SMR( Smart mission Race), this group game, was like Running Man as Korean TV show,,  First, we got an Ipad with internet connection, then there was 6 missions, each mission had password that we can get after accomplishing them, let the pictures talk,,^_^

1>    Mission 1 Arranged the geometry

Actually it was hard, and confusing,, then mission 2 was photo missionwith certain “rules”


Love style photo


The hardest one, Hangeul style photo


Then next mission was my favorite, the dance mission , it’s like doing a gym hha


Then others mission was like puzzle game in Korean , My Korean mate handled those game,, then it was so exhausted, and my group was the last group in finishing all the mission ,fufufu, the winner group is….


Congratulation guys,, ^_^

The next day was UCC, we had to make a short film with UST content and message on it, My group concept was about conflict management. Here some photos of this activity,, you can also watch our video


my funniest groupmate Abdullah from Jordan and Ramesh from India ,,^_^


After finishing the film, Alhamdulilah my group was the winner,,^_^, and we got small gift USB Flashdisk, Masha Allah ,,


Then there was USTian Party as summit of this orientation. We had great dinner, finally I found high quality protein, shrimp ^_^..



I thought they were our important person in campus ^_^,, enjoyed all of our films

Yup,that’s all, and about Koran culture class we learnt about food until traditional culture,, so nyuh shi dae 소녀시대 until dong bang shin ki ,,kkk

They also played gee MV in the class ^_^

And then in the motel, sometimes in the morning, I had any homesick syndrome TT,, miss my parent ,my hometown, Indonesian food,, but I realize that life must go on,, do your best and let God do the rest ^_^

And then also I think for you guys , think Korean was so racist,, I could say you are absolutely WRONG,,like to us, they also God’s creature,, who have heart, want to be respect and didn’t want to be hurt,,  so,is it possible to build a good relationship for Korean (and other people in the world ^-^) ,if you just treat them well, as you want to be treated,,, ifuknowwhatimean,,

Thank you,for visiting my blog, please correct me if I am wrong ^_^


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